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Icon Geo undertake a wide range of projects that aim to answer environmental problems and offer practical solutions. Icon Geo works closely with their clients in order to cater for their specific needs. Every service can be altered to suit the client’s requirements. Icon Geo specialises in an array of environmental-based projects, including but not limited to, Land Use Determination (Control with Remote Sensing), Mine Site Assessment, River Basin Environmental Assessment and Animal Disease Management.

Land Use Determination (Control with Remote Sensing)

We provide an annual validation of applications for an aggregate of €2 billion worth of subsidies delivered through the Common Agricultural Policy. This is done through a suite of techniques of spectral analysis and classifications using both Very High Resolution and Rapid Repeat imagery. Each year we process data on a national scale in order to provide our clients with rapid and detailed information about their areas of interest, informing or validating the decision-making process.

River Basin Environment Assessment

We are currently using time series analytics from both imagery and in situ data sensors to monitor a number of environmental threats to the Danube basin in South Eastern Europe on behalf of the European Space Agency.

Hedgerow Identification

Using machine learned algorithms, we automatically mapped over 750,000 hedgerows across the country for the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine with the aim of quantifying and monitoring hedgerow presence and health. The dataset formed a base inventory for Ecological Focus Areas assessment required in validating CAP subsidy claims.

Animal Disease & Tracking

We designed and implemented an interactive map website for ERAD, Ireland’s TB eradication programme to test the theory of perturbation in badgers, a protected species. The cloud-based solution offered live badger tracking and pattern analysis. The system stored journeys taken by the badger, offering previously unseen behavioural patterns.

Urban Tree Mapping

On behalf of the European Space Agency we developed a methodology to identify and classify trees within an urban environment. Using Spectral analysis techniques on satellite imagery, we were able to remotely identify species, age and the overall health of urban trees and produce an inventory.

Mine Site Health & Safety

Using InSAR technology, Icon can measure land deformation with millimetre accuracy over all mining surfaces, structures and assets to provide information on ground stability without the need for in-situ equipment. This allows end users to ensure there are no health & safety issues, while operating at peak performance.

Dairy Routing

Working with one of Ireland’s leading universities, we developed and implemented a route optimisation system for milk collection companies to aid in the management of the fluctuating production levels of milk across the island.

Livestock Detection

On behalf of the Strategic Investment Board of Northern Ireland, Icon built and trained models to detect and quantify the presence of Livestock in open pastures. The first phase of this project attained a success rate of almost 80%. Phase 2 is currently underway with results to be delivered in Q4 2021.

Water Mains Leaks

Recently Icon have been examining the use of Sentinel Image Data to examine the possibility of using this data in coherence with other multivariate datasets to try to build a water main leak identifier service offering. One avenue of interest is the use of Sentinel-1 to investigate the correlation between subsidence/ground movement in relation to known leaks.

Change Detection

An additional aspect of the Common Agricultural Policy is that farmers may only perform certain agricultural practices before or after certain dates. Through our use of Sentinel-1 RADAR imagery in Single Look Complex Mode we can detect events such as fodder mowing, the harvesting of arable crops, and ploughing or tilling.

Crop Monitoring

Creating multi-temporal RADAR composite image stacks has enabled Icon to provide accurate crop determination in the absence of the successful acquisition of optical image data. Funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), Icon are currently working on several research projects surrounding monitoring and the use of cloud-based processing with Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) platforms. Topics for these projects include the detection of specific crops, and monitoring of land use changes. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is used as the main data source, due to Ireland’s frequent cloud cover, with other data being used to enhance and verify these observations.

We have developed a process of Remote Inspection that removes the need for field inspection of potato crops in Northern Ireland. The inspections are required to ensure compliance with phytosanitary regulations. We have achieved an accuracy rate of 94%.

Forestry Monitoring

A recent project for the Forest Service in Ireland. We used Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to inspect the extent, nutritional status and felling extent of planted forest, and to assess the extent of damages caused by extreme weather events.

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